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Friday, June 28, 2013

The GHOST Group, Book One, is OUT NOW!!

It's Launch Day for my middle grade paranormal mystery series! Hooray!

The debuting stories in The GHOST Group series, The Ghosts of Sarah Travers and The Crying Valentine, are now available as an ebook! There will be a print edition in the future containing the first 4 stories. Each print book will contain 4 of the 12 stories as they are published. For now, you can read the first two as an ebook in Book One!

I got the idea for this series several years ago. The characters were there, their treehouse was there, but I didn’t have all of the pieces of the story just yet. It was as I was working on the haunted cities book many months later when the whole story came to me. I was curious about what it's like to live in a haunted city and the many accounts from people living in those cities caught my interest! I realized the characters I'd created in that workshop of my mind were part of a ghost hunting team, but instead of finding ghosts, they helped them! But each story would have a theme. Now I knew what kind of series it would be. Each story would center around a holiday for each month of the year – thus why there are 12 stories. I’m playing around with the idea of continuing the series after the 12 are done, with the kids in high school and with the stories on a new theme, but not sure if I’ll move forward with that just yet.

Many thanks to Denise Bartlett and Charlotte Holley of Gypsy Shadow Publishing for accepting this series for publication, as well as Manon Daniels for the amazing cover! I would also like thank Beth Bartlett for her help, as well as my beta readers.

You can check out these stories, The Ghost of Sarah Travers and The Ghost of The Crying Valentine, at this link.

You can also read an excerpt at that link.

Here is the synopsis for each story:

There’s something different about Sarah Town. It’s brimming with ghosts—and some of those ghosts need help! That’s where the GHOST Group comes in—the Ghost Helpers of Sarah Town. The GHOST Group is made up of five 11-year-old team members: Jesse, Jenny, Ryan, Trent, and Cassie.

The Ghost of Sarah Travers is the story about Sarah, who Sarah Town was named after. Her ghost haunts what used to be her home, but can the kids help her find who she is looking for before the town skeptic brings an end to ghosthunting in Sarah Town for good?

The Ghost of the Crying Valentine has the Ghost Group solving the mystery of a sad ghostly girl haunting their school. Rumors about this girl ghost catch the attention of a TV show, and the kids lock horns with the show host as they try to help the crying ghost.

These stories are written for middle grade readers but I hope adult readers will enjoy the stories, too. This is my 13th book!  (I also have an electronic short story published by Gypsy Shadow Publishing.) On an interesting note, this is also my third book in three months this year. April saw the release of Hunter's Upcycling Adventures, in May we had Satyrs Are Cool, and now in June we have The GHOST Group! On another interesting note, all 3 books were written for kids.

I have completed the third story in this series and I'm currently working on fixing up the fourth story. I look forward to seeing more books in this series released in the near future!

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