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Saturday, July 06, 2013

Remembering the firefighters

One good thing about social media: It’s a great way to learn about news. There’s been many times I’ve seen a tweet on Twitter or a post on Facebook that caught my attention and had me Googling to see what happened. Or, I’ll check a newsfeed I have on my phone or scan the news on TV for updates on stories. Sometimes, though, if it’s major news, I’ll wait for the next day’s newspaper so that I can read a more thorough story about it.

That’s what happened last week, when I heard about the 19 firefighters who perished while battling a forest fire. I saw something about it on Facebook then read more about what happened on CNN and in my local paper. I was saddened and devastated to learn that 19 firefighters died while fighting a blaze. My heart really went out to their families. It’s such a sad thing that happened.

And I was thinking about it a lot last week. I have heaps respect for firefighters, mainly because firefighters saved my life when I was in that accident so many years ago. As a burn survivor, I am very grateful for all that firefighters do. They risk their lives to save people. They are true heroes.

I was especially thinking about that last week while I was busy working on getting my poetry book, Follow That Dream, uploaded at Createspace. As I reviewed the electronic proof of the book, I had to pause and reread the poem “Deserved Praise,” in which I thank firefighters for all they do for us. This is my only poem in the book that I wrote for firefighters, but in my next poetry book, Touched by Fire, there are more poems about being a burn survivor as well as poems that honor firefighters.

In fact, I was so moved by the newspaper article I read about the Granite Mountain Hotshots who perished, that I wrote a poem honoring those lost. I am thinking of including it in the next poetry book.

Poetry is just one way in which I remember and thank firefighters for what they do. I also wave to the firefighters who pass me by in their engines. That wave is me telling them, “Thank you.”

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