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Monday, June 18, 2012

One book for one day

For some time, I have been working on more than one book at a time each day. I’d either be writing one and editing another, or writing one, editing another and revising still another. All in one day.

And recently, I kept wondering what it would be like to just work on ONE book a day. Just one, not two or three.

Last week, I had the chance to find out.

My time to work on the books was super-limited last week. As it was, I only had a chance to work on one book each day. But it wasn’t one book one day, then another book the next day. It was a little bit different.

On Monday and Tuesday, I worked on the haunted cities book.

On Wednesday and Thursday, the alien abductions book.

On Friday, I started writing the new children’s book that my daughter, Jennifer, is illustrating.

And this weekend? I spent Saturday and Sunday working on the revisions for The Ghost of Sarah Travers, Book One in The GHOST Group series.

And the result?

While it was nice to only focus on ONE book for one day, for once, I wasn’t all that happy that I could not get more work done on the books. Also, the Sarah Travers revisions requires me to stay “in the zone,” and that’s hard to do if I can only work on it on the weekends.

So I will try switching some books around this week and see how that turns out. Try for two or three a day, but prioritize them this time.



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