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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dogs Forever! poetry book cover

As I posted in the past, my daughter, Jennifer, and I have collaborated on a poetry book about dogs. The manuscript was accepted for publication by Great Minds Think Aloud Publishing, an indie publisher owned and operated by Kitty Bullard. 

We were very excited about having our book published. Jennifer and I both wrote poems for it, and Jennifer illustrated it. She did the cover art as well as interior drawings of dogs. 

Today, I have received the official cover for this little poetry chapbook. Hooray! Here is the cover:

Receiving the cover was a pleasant surprise, but I got an even bigger surprise when I asked Kitty if it will be possible if this book can be out before school ends next month. I asked because I know there are people at Jennifer’s school who are interested in purchasing a copy of this book. Kitty got back to me with her answer: Not only will this book be out before next month, but it will probably be out NEXT WEEK! 


I told Jennifer and we are thrilled. 

Not only did we work everything out with the cover today but also with the proof. This is moving along very quickly but we’re very excited about it and look forward to having a copy of the book in our hands VERY soon! 

Here is the blurb:

Dogs! Dogs! Big dogs, little dogs, funny dogs and lazy dogs! No matter what kind of dog in your life, you’ll find a poem that describes your furry friend in DOGS FOREVER, a mini book of poems that celebrate the bond between human and canine that only a dog lover would know.

Thank you, Kitty, for all of your hard work, dedication and time for this book. We look forward to working with you again! 

Get Dogs Forever! on your Kindle here.

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Crystal Dreams, a new novel by Great Minds Think Aloud Publishing!

Great Minds Think Aloud, has just released a new novel by Katherine Schneider! The book is called Crystal Dreams and this is the author’s first book. Congratulations to Katherine! And congratulations to Great Minds Think Aloud Publishing on yet another book!


Here is a brief synopsis for Crystal Dreams:


Fifteen year old Kat had dreamed about a world full of crystals for as long as she could remember. It never occurred to her that such a world might actually exist until she found it. And what she found was more than crystals she found friendship, love, mystery, and murder in a world that had been torn apart long ago in The Shattering.