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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Two submissions in one month??

As many people who are in touch with me know, I have been working on fixing up the manuscript for the haunted cities book for some time. I try to work on this manuscript every day. One of the people included in this book mentioned to me that he also operates a publishing company, and would I be interested in sending something their way?

I checked out this company. One of the kinds of books they publish that I was interested in are children’s books. I actually have a few children’s book manuscripts gathering dust on my hard drive. I have already had one children’s book, The Yellow Rose, published, and my first middle-grade book, which is the first book in a paranormal mystery series, will be out in the near future. But I have written other children’s books. Just haven’t gotten around to fixing them up just yet. (They were rejected by other publishers and, after going over them recently, I saw areas where I could change them to make them better.)

This invitation took me by surprise. It also had me considering my book submission plan for this year. Earlier in the year, I decided on 6 manuscripts to send out. However, there was a change in my “12 ebooks in 12 months” project (more on that later), so I have added one of those to my submission plan for this year.

In fact, I am sending it out this month (this change of plans means bumping the submission of the revised Shadow of Samhain manuscript to next month). But now that this opportunity has been sprung on me, I have to ask myself: Am I up for submitting TWO books in one month??

The manuscript I am thinking of sending them is a story inspired by a dream. I would like to have something else dream-inspired out there – and quite soon, actually – so that I can tie it in to a chapter in the third book of the Revisions book series. And given that publishing a book can take 2 years or longer, why not get in on that now? While the door is open? (Especially since there is a publisher interested in publishing this series. What if he wants to publish the set of 3 books at one time?)

So, I am definitely considering submitting this manuscript to them sometime next week. This week, I am submitting the manuscript from the “12 ebooks” project. So maybe I should just go for it and send those two manuscripts out all the same. Just do it and see what happens.

I’m always open to new experiences, so why not? I’ll give this a try and see how it turns out. I’ve had two books published in one month one year. So why not send out two books in one month? I’ll do it and see what happens. This should be interesting.

P.S. Next year, I get to do this "submission every month" thing all over again. I have a bunch of manuscripts I'll be sending out to different publishers, and that's supposed to last until August. Well, maybe!

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