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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Patience, please

A lot of nonwriters think they know what’s involved when it comes to being an author. They think the author writes the book, gets a fat check from a publisher, and the book gets published in the blink of an eye. In truth, a lot of us authors can only dream of such a scenario. Sadly, this is only a fantasy, and it would help if a lot of people understood there is very little control an author has when it comes to when a book will be published.

In fact, unless the author is self-publishing their book, they hardly have any control over when the book will be released.

That said, I can only ask certain people involved in two of my ongoing book projects to please, pretty please, be a little more patient with me as I try to wade through the murky waters of trying to get these books published.

On one book in particular, Spook City, it will no longer be published with the publisher I mentioned. I know, the book was supposed to come out last October, but I found out at the last minute that setting up editing sessions for this book was my job. I didn’t even know about the editing sessions, really. I’ve worked with other publishers and none of them edit manuscripts this way. So it was not something I was familiar with as far as arranging. This added extra time until the book could see print. But it ended up being a waste of time, as in the end the contract is being cancelled. I have yet to receive a letter from the publisher confirming this, and that’s more waiting before I can do anything else with the manuscript. Meanwhile, I am fixing up the manuscript and adding new material to it since the book will be something different than what was envisioned by the publisher. I ask everyone involved in this book to please bear with me as I go through this process. I know, you have all been extremely patient enough as it is. We all thought it was going to come out last October. I am hoping against hope it will be out this October for sure.

The book IS important to me. I worked too hard on it to let something like this collect dust on my hard drive. And part of the reason why I stuck to my guns about certain issues with the manuscript is for your benefit, as well. So please be a little more patient with me. We will get there at some point. I promise you this book will see print and your stories will be told.

As to the Revisions book: There was supposed to be the first one in this series out this month. Obviously, that didn’t happen. And I was told editing work can’t happen on the manuscript until June. (Sigh.)

I apologize to everyone involved with these book for these delays. Believe me, these delays are NOT my doing. I want to see these books published just as much as you do. I’m tired of being in “Book Purgatory” with these manuscripts. I am going to work things out and HOPEFULLY the books will be out sooner instead of later.

I am just as angry, frustrated and as fed up with these delays as you all are. But nothing good can happen by dwelling on negative energy. Yes, I am angry about it, but I won’t sit around being angry and constantly feeling like I am being put on the back burner here. No, I will move forward. I know I can’t move forward until I get certain documents legally releasing me from contracts – and again, this is out of my control – but I promise you all these books ARE a priority to me. They may not be the very next books to see print (and there is a very personal reason why the new version of November’s Child will be the first), but they ARE at the top of my list of books.

I only ask you all to please be a little more patient. Please, just hang in there a little longer. I know you have all been very patient enough as it is, and I am grateful to those of you who have understood that delays happen without sending me rude or angry emails. I am grateful to you all for being patient enough as it is. Just please be patient just a little more longer. Please. These books WILL be published as actual books. You can count on it.

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