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Friday, August 07, 2009


Today I wanted to write a poem called "Watching the Door." But the minute I sat down to write it, I turned to see the baby start to climb over the baby gate that blocks his access to the kitchen. I rolled my eyes, shook my head and jokingly muttered, "Instead of watching the door, I should be watching HIM!" I laughed at this joke as I got up to get him down.

Then I tried sitting at the table to write this poem. Baby climbed up on a nearby chair to constantly pat at my arm to babble something to me in baby talk. I kept stopping my attempt to start the poem to "talk" with him and have a little conversation going. Every time he had something to say, he was patting at my arm.

THEN after THAT....when he decided we had enough of that small talk....he stood on the gate near where I was, in the same room, and flicked the light on and off. On and off. On. Off. On. Off.

The room was not dark but it was hard to concentrate and write with the light going on...off...on...off...

I could only laugh at this newest interruption. Not so frustrated. All of this combined that stopped me from writing my poem was just too funny. One thing...after another...after another.

Sometimes, we have to laugh at these moments.

But, eventually, I did write my poem. Wasn't satisfied with that first draft, of course, but I got the title and the words onto paper. I got it all down and out of my head.

The writing does get done eventually, despite interruptions, if we just hang in there a little bit longer!

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