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Friday, December 05, 2008

9 in '09

So I just went over my inventory of manuscripts. Out of that list of 14 books, there are 9 which need to be edited/revised. Two of them are children's books which I am shopping around, one is a novel I am working with an acquisitions editor for revisions, another was accepted for publication but the publisher disappeared, and the other is the haunted houses book that was accepted for publication. (Watch for it in July!)

Gosh, I knew I was going to be hunkering down and editing books next year. But, wow, that's a lot. I don't even know if I'll be able to edit ALL of them by the end of next year. (A girl can dream, right??? LOL) At the same time, though, I'm going to keep up with finding a lit agent. I will also continue sending out short stories and poetry. (Erm, I will admit I've been slacking on that lately. Gah!)

PLEASE NOTE: The writing book is a priority and I will be editing that manuscript and finding a home for it ASAP. I still need to put together the proposal. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you writer friends who are in this book!

Does this mean I won't be writing any new books next year? Well, not exactly. I am being hired to ghostwrite a book, and I'll be starting that soonish. Also, 5 of the 9 manuscripts I will be editing are short (three are children's books, two are middle-grade), so I might finish those up early and have the extra time to write something new. (Maybe the third book in my series???)

I also want to focus on getting these manuscripts finalized and finding a home for them. I want to see more published books than unpublished books. So I will really need to put the brakes on writing new books next year and try to get these books whipped into shape and under contract with a publisher.

That's my plan, anyway. :D

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