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Friday, October 05, 2007

Pressed for time

On another blog post, I talked about a certain editing task I was tackling in fixing up one of my novel manuscripts. I outlined how I was editing it step by step, detailing the process as I have been going through it. One of my sisters commented that it sounded like a lot of work -- and that it was a good thing I was doing this BEFORE the baby is born.

That right there is why I have constantly been feeling "pressed for time" with my writing work. I know that after the baby is born next month, I will need a little downtime. And I'll especially want to spend as much time with him as possible! Meanwhile, I've got a big chunk of writing work on my hands: A poetry manuscript to find a publisher for (or to prep for self-publishing), a novel manuscript to fix just ONE MORE THING per an editor's request, another novel manuscript I need to finish editing AND find an agent for, and a nonfiction book I need to finish writing.

Of course, I have to be realistic. I only have one month left. Just one! And I know I can't expect to finish ALL of that by then. I know the two novel manuscripts WILL be finished by then, but I don't know about the nonfiction book. I mean, I'm working my butt off on finishing it. I'm applying myself to it EVERY DAY. There's the chance that I WON'T finish it, and I must accept this possibility.

All the same, I'm DEFINITELY setting these goals up as things I must accomplish by the end of the YEAR, and not just the end of the month. I want to get back to working on other projects in the new year: Writing ANOTHER novel I started, shopping my book on deaf parenting around and working on the revisions book. I'm just trying to get as much done as I can for the time being.

This is why I have been pretty much "absent" from other online stuff I normally do. Message boards, MySpace bulletins, deviantART journals/postings and answering emails. (My friends understand why I take so long to get back to them -- I am SO GRATEFUL to have such understanding friends!!) This blogging stuff might end up taking a backseat, too. I already RARELY go out for social visits anymore. I've already changed my sleeping habits to sleep less so I have more time to write. I already make it a point to find SOME WAY to work on my projects EVERY DAY. And I already opt for simpler things and simpler jobs so I can get them done faster and with less stress. This just might be another thing I'll have to temporarily cut until I finish the tasks I have set about to do.

So if you don't hear from me, and if there aren't any recent blog posts from me, this is why! ;)



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