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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Writing here, editing there

It has been a VERY busy week for us. School starts so we've been going to all the back-to-school related stuff and taking care of the necessary things to have in place for school.

I've also had doctor appointments to get to AND getting baby stuff taken care of.

Meanwhile, I still have to finish editing a manuscript. AND getting the necessary writing done.

I'm managing to do that, but only in bits and pieces here and there. Yesterday, the only writing I got done was 15 minutes worth, in which I wrote a poem then some material for a nonfiction Ebook idea I have (which of course I'm going to trash, because I'm not as crazy about this idea as I thought I was). And...the only reading I was able to do was with the 7 storybooks I read to my daughter. LOL That's it. (One must wonder what kind of inspiration can be found when reading Hop on Pop.)

Still, it's better than nothing. As I said in the latest issue of the E-zine, "This month's mantra is 'Any writing is better than no writing.'" Too true.



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