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Monday, June 11, 2007

Writers who blog

I didn't jump into the blogosphere right away. I'm one of those people who prefers to stay OUT of trends until they've been around for a while. While this can be both good and bad (good because the people who jumped on them end up telling us ALL about what went wrong or what WAS wrong, bad because I end up coming across someone revealing something like a major character in a popular movie died when I hadn't even seen the movie yet!! GRR!!), I didn't come into blogging too early or too late. I learned certain kinks involved with blogging and, just like with MySpace, how to use it the "right" way to maximize my writing status and output.

Now I finally wrote about how blogging plays a role in my writing life. I may have more than one blog, sure, but it's my "writing blog" that gets featured here. But I knew I couldn't just include how blogging has affected only ME as a writer. If anything, blogging can have some ups and downs for EVERY writer. To illustrate this point, I included quotes from two other writers I know who blog: Jim Vines (
http://theworkingscreenwriter.com/) and Karen Putz (http://putzworld.blogspot.com/). It was actually Karen who helped me come up with the idea for this article, so it couldn't be complete without quotes from her! Thanks, Karen! :)

The article is in the latest issue of my E-zine, the Burning the Midnight Oil Book Zine. Check it out here:

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