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Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Picking Up Where I Left Off

In the year 2016, I had a “writing challenge” going on. I challenged myself to write a short story for every week of the year. When I was able to meet that challenge and indeed write 52 short stories that year, I decided to set another writing challenge for the year 2017: Finish writing or revising books that were not yet finished (or revised!).


Well, that was the plan, anyway. But of course, that’s not how things turned out.


At first, I was able to do this just fine. As each month passed, I either finished writing or I revised and finished a book. As the months passed on, it looked like I was going to once again achieve my writing goal for the year.


Then, in October, I fell ill with a near-fatal illness and had to be hospitalized. This illness was a result of years of heavy drinking.


Eventually, I did recover, but I could no longer write. Well, of course I could do basic writing and I was able to write reports at my job, but I could not “write” write. I couldn’t write stories or poems. Writing an entire novel was out of the question, as well. And writing a nonfiction book was lost to me. Anytime I tried to sit down to write nonfiction, I suddenly couldn’t remember how to write!


I just accepted this and focused on other things, instead. Meanwhile, I lamented about it and questioned why I should even bother going back to writing books nobody buys or reads, anyway. But as one year of this passed and then two, I started to grow restless. I was itching to write and do it now! I WANTED to write again. I NEEDED to write again. I felt like I wasn't living life like I was supposed to. Something was missing, and I knew that it was the writing. The writing. My passion.


Then, in October of 2020, I sat down with a spiral notebook, grabbed a pen, and started writing. I was stunned to see that I kept writing after Chapter 2 and even got past Chapter 10! And more words kept pouring out. I went on a one-month hiatus from the writing spree in November, in which I TRIED to write a novel (no go), then resumed in December. I finished what was a new nonfiction book on Christmas Eve. I guess that you could say that after surviving that long through a year that brought so much anxiety, depression, challenges and doom to my life, I clung to the one thing that helped me to stay sane. The one thing that brought peace and comfort to my life: Writing.


This was a HUGE deal to me. I actually wrote a book! I was beyond thrilled. Maybe this meant I could write again.


Still, I was wary. I didn’t want to push it. What if that was just a one-time thing?


But when the new year came along, I realized it wasn’t. I was back on my game, happily resuming my work on books. And I even have a novelette coming out tomorrow. (I was so thrilled when it was accepted!) Yay!


Now that I am back in business with writing books, I am taking time to look over just where I left off with that writing challenge of mine.


Even so, I am furiously working on getting the rest of the GHOST Group books out there. Stories 1-4 (Books 1 & 2) are published and I need to get the remaining 8 stories out there.


Which I have been working on. I have spent a lot of time this year working on fixing up stories 5 and 6. I finally got 6 ready but discovered 5 needs more work. So I’m back to fixing that one up.


Meanwhile, here’s where I left off in 2017:


*I didn't finish writing the prayer book, End Game, the book on conquering fear and overcoming challenges, the 365 spin-off book, or the health book.


*The dreams poetry book was finished and published


*The deaf poetry book is once again on the table. I need to finish adding more stuff to it!


*Didn’t finish revising/editing GHOST Group stories.


*Didn’t revise the vampire novel


*Didn’t finish editing the haunted houses book


I am really not sure about what to do with another writing book. One of the writers in that book passed away and I had a falling out with two other writers in that book. I have to give that one some time and figure out what to do with it.


The YA novel is done but it needs to be revised. I also wrote the first draft for the YA fantasy novel (part of a 4-book series) but I still need to revise it.


Here is what I am currently working on right now:


--Fixing up and finishing remaining GHOST Group books (I discovered that 2 stories were unfinished!)


--Finish writing End Game THEN I will revise and edit the manuscript before sending it off


--Finishing edits on the haunted houses book


--Revising the nonfiction book I wrote in 2020


So that's where I am now. I will tackle the other books in due time. Right now, the current projects are the priority. I am also toying with the idea of sending my publisher a collection of short stories (I have 3 collections planned) but we’ll see when that happens. I have to stay focused on my current projects right now. If I try to do too much at once, nothing will get done! So the current projects are what I am working on at this time.


Hopefully soon, I will get to the other books and work my way through the rest!


I am so thrilled about being back to writing books now! I am so happy to be back to work on books and I truly feel that NOW my life is complete. THIS is what was missing. THIS is what needed to be in it: Writing!


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  • At 8:56 AM , Blogger Lillie Ammann said...

    I'm so sorry to hear about your illness. I'm praying you are fully recovered and will have no further issues.

    Glad to hear you're getting back on track with writing. Good luck!

  • At 7:09 AM , Blogger Dawn Wilson said...

    Hi, Lillie. Thank you so much. :) I appreciate your kind words. I have a few health issues I have been working on, but I am pretty much recovered from that illness. I am very happy to be writing again. It definitely fills a void! And it's something that I know I am meant to do. Hope you are well. Take care.


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