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Thursday, June 19, 2014

When it hits you

Ideas can have a powerful affect on a writer. You are going about your day, minding your own business and doing your own thing, when, BAM! An idea strikes out of nowhere. The idea could be for an article, an essay, a blog post or even a book. No matter what it’s for or how its put to use, these particular ideas have a way of hitting the writer so powerfully that all the rest of the world fades away. All the writer sees, hears, knows and thinks about is this idea. This huge, gigantic “thing” that beckons to the writer’s muse for life.

And for as long as this idea has a grip over you, you don’t care about anything else. You don’t care that you already have a bazillion other writing projects going on. You don’t care that it could take months, even years, to make this idea into something you wrote. You don’t care that this is out of your league, that you have NO personal experience with this topic or that bringing this idea to life could take a lot of work.

All you care about is one thing, the one and only thing that this idea wants you to do with it: Write it. And so, when this idea strikes, you have only one thought: I have to write about this.

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