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Friday, December 17, 2004


Bear with me, it’s been a tough week. Stressed out over Jennifer running a 102 fever for nearly 3 days and I had some tech goofs to deal with when I tried to post the E-zine this week. I finally got a shower today and feel human again but my brain is still fried.

One good thing that happened this week, though, is my second nonfiction book was released. Whoo-hoo! 365 TIPS FOR WRITERS: Inspiration, Writing Prompts and Beat the Block Tips to Turbocharge Your Creativity is now PUBLISHED and AVAILABLE from Filbert Publishing! SWEET! You can check it out here:
http://filbertpublishing.com/tips.htm As soon as I get the JPG image from the publisher, I’m putting it up on my site. I’m very excited about this book!! I know the subtitle is a little long but when my publisher made the suggestion, I gave her the usual thumbs-up and won’t complain. And, for the record, she says “Turbo Charge” and I say “Turbocharge.” The word is more powerful, folks! Just like “doublequick.” (You just can’t argue with a word like “doublequick!”)

And I’m gonna keep the word “turbocharge” whether this computer’s editing program likes it or not, so nyah!

OK, enough babbling. Sorry about that.


I’ve already written about how I got the idea for this book in the Introduction. And I know I’m no expert on writing but I took everything that I’ve learned the hard way and put it all into this book. Though I suspect I might’ve had a little help from my literary predecessors; I swear there was so many times I’d be writing this book without realizing what I was saying. Seriously, I kept turning around expecting to see Hemingway or Shakespeare’s ghost standing there giving me pointers! When I told people I was “in the zone” with this book, it was like the “supernatural zone” getting information from those better writers we can only read biographies about. This was scary, of course, but all that I could think about when that happened is just writing down EVERYTHING that came into my head. (And, FYI, I DID NOT channel this book from the great beyond. During the final proofing stages, I was little ol’ me again.)

This is one of the reasons I’m proud of the book, though. Despite my doubts, I truly think Hemingway might find it satisfactory. (Well, maybe except for the contracts part.) And while I’m not exactly trying to please a writer who has long since passed on, I do admire the man and hope to someday reach his level of success (except without the exit he took in the end – poor man). But, anyway. If he doesn’t, I hope my readers will. Well, some of them, at least. Can’t please everybody but, like I say in this book, I hope it pleases SOMEBODY.

At least now all those things I had to cope with when I was writing this book hasn’t been for nothing. All those times I stayed in the chair working on this book, spending HOURS every day laboring over it, celebrating every time I got to page 100 then 200, the times the UPS guy showed up at my door at 4:30 in the afternoon to find me barefoot and in my sweats, all the getting-out-of-the-house I gave up and the delaying of housework and giving Jennifer her bath (and out of her jammies) at 4 p.m. instead of 11 a.m., the freelance writing work I had to cut down on, the times I spent away from Jason and the crummy meals I cooked – ALL of it pays off now, because the book is published. Because I can confidently say I’ve written and have published a book on writing for writers. I never, EVER thought I’d write a writing book. After all, I always thought that was reserved for the successful famous names who’ve sold a ton of books and been writing their whole lives. But I have. I have written a book on writing. I’m not some famous name. I’ve never been published in a big magazine. But I wrote a book on writing that, apparently, was worthy enough of getting published. I made it. I broke in.

And now that it’s out, I’m ready to tell the whole world. I’m ready to get it into bookstores, libraries, schools, hospitals, senior homes and gift shops. I’m ready to create mugs quoting the pages of this book, tapes on more writing tips, T-shirts, journals and even a newsletter. Who knows? The sky’s the limit. As it stands now, I’m talking with the publisher about creating an audio CD.

Perhaps all of this is just from my excitement over the book being published. Perhaps this will all die away in a few months and people will forget about it. Perhaps this “high” I’m riding on will just as quickly disappear. But I’m not going to think about that now. For now, I’m going to think about riding it out. It’s a great feeling all the same, and no matter how short- or long-lasting it is, I’m going to enjoy every minute of it.


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