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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Changes with the Revisions book series

Change is in the wind -- again.

As it was, I thought I needed to have all three of the Revisions books done this year. Turns out that I don't. It's a relief knowing that I don't, because my publisher wanted me to add another part to the book about agents. I had some trouble trying to get exactly what she wanted to see here, but as I worked on the books, I kept in mind how agent input would play into what the other parts of the books discussed. Finally, I had a better idea of how agent input could be helpful. Still, I went over this with my publisher and we went back and forth over it until we had a better grasp on what exactly will go into that part. I started to visualize the chapters and get ideas for chapter titles -- which was a good sign.

Another thing I needed extra time for was figuring out how I'm going to contact the agents for this book. I know some agents, but we need more than just a few. Again I discussed this with my publisher. Both of us know literary agents are insanely busy people, so I couldn't figure out a way to get their quotes for the book without interrupting their time. The discussion helped clear that up, and now the extra time I have to work on this will allow me the opportunity to conveniently work around an agent's busy schedule so they can still contribute advice for this book.

So, as I mentioned, all three books DO NOT need to be done this year. I was planning to have the second book done on September 30th, but I still needed material and I just couldn't make that self-imposed deadline. I was also planning to get the third book done by the end of the year, but that, too, has been changed.

According to these changes, I won't need to have the second book complete until some time next year. Ditto the third.

To say the least, this is a huge weight off of my shoulders. I can actually breathe easier now. I was under a lot of stress, scrambling to get the second book done, sweating over chapters of the book that still needed interviews and end-of-the-chapter features. It was really starting to get to me. But now I can breathe easier knowing it DOES NOT need to be done right now. I have some time, and I hope to use that time to get the remaining items needed.

This also changes when the books will be published. I was told the second book probably would not be out next year. Actually, more like 2012. I can only hope the third one will follow that year, but we'll see. Up until now, I thought all three books would be published every few months or so next year. I thought all three would come out in one year, but, nope. That's not happening. It kinda bugs me that one book in the series comes out once a year, but I guess that's the only way my publisher can do it. That's one of the downsides in book publishing: Some books can take a looooong time to get into print.

But I'm willing to wait. The wait will be worth it -- and so will having the extra time to make the other two books the most helpful and inspiring resources they can be.

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