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Monday, June 22, 2009

A three-fer

Today, I challenged myself to try to do things I don't normally do or haven't done before. This type of challenging attitude also included my writing for today.

Today, I challenged myself to be able to work on three different manuscripts at once. After I read about how one author was able to juggle writing five or six books at once (and recovered from my heart attack after reading that -- haha), I wanted to see if I could handle working on three different books in one day. The most I have done is two. So I wanted to see if I could do three.

And, actually, I WAS able to work on three different books in one day! Yay!

It wasn't easy, though. I faced two roadblocks in trying to meet this challenge:

1. Distraction. I got so caught up in working on one of the manuscripts, it was hard to stop working on it. It was hard to pull myself away. I had to keep telling myself, "I have done enough for this book today! I can do more tomorrow." It was definitely hard to stop working on it. I did finally pull myself away from it, though. I guess making notes on stuff to add later made it easier for me to finally pull away from it.

2. Mindset. One of the manuscripts I worked on today is my new MG novel. And it's a fantasy novel, something that's a bit more different from ghost stories and writing. It was hard to get myself into the "fantasy world" of this story -- at first. I knew what I wanted to write. I knew what the next scene would be. (Heck, I'd been carrying it around in my head for two days!) But it was hard, after working on the ghost book and working on the writing book, to shift gears and move from nonfiction to fiction, from reality to fantasy. And fantasy is not a genre I write in very often. I like mystery. Horror. Suspense. So it's doubly challenging to get myself into that mindset, especially after writing in nonfiction so much today.

However, I conquered those roadblocks. I was able to work on three different books in one day. I'm excited I was able to beat that challenge and pull it off.

But I wouldn't recommend it.

It was very difficult with the stress of being able to write well as I worked on this book then that book, and switching gears was very hard. I was also frustrated that I did not have the time to do more research on something for the ghost book, which is what I needed to do for one chapter.

In summary, I think it is best to limit how many books you work on in one day, only so that you will have time when AWAY from the writing to ponder the writing you've done, and what additional writing and/or editing you can put in there.

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