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Friday, September 08, 2006

Hold monitor steady, drive head through

Man. You can really TELL when it's Friday. I've been inundated with Skyline work today. We are trying to get the mag out before 9/11 (since it's a commemorative issue) and we've been at it all week. Well, longer than that, of course. But, we've had some last minute changes to make and it had to be reformatted ALL OVER AGAIN. And we needed to put out an SOS for artwork and short fiction. All over again!

I've had to print stuff out to read and make editing notations. Since I was jumping on and off the computer so much (I am the only person responsible for my child in the home), I'd end up reading and editing stories everywhere, from the chair of my front porch to the bed in my room. I'd read stuff while my daughter took her baths or while I made dinner.

And I thought we were done today. Or, in the process of getting done, amid ALL of the emails and IMs. But it looks like I'll be proofing the (hopefully) final document to get printed tomorrow.

Gee. On my ONE free day of the week. Ugh. Oh, well.....

And, today, as the EIC and I sent IMs and emails back and forth (sometimes from her VARIOUS accounts LOL), I thought we had this thing licked.

Then she says, "Hold on, I'm sending you three more stories."

I was ready to plead, "No, don't!" But it IS just the two of us editing this thing (one editor had to be let go) and we ARE on a deadline. So, more stuff to read, edit and make illustration suggestions for.

Gosh. And here I was, hoping to start cracking on my next SIGNews story, which I got the assignment for yesterday. (It's another one of the South African stories. Yay!!!)

But, that will have to wait until Monday. My deadline is next Friday, so HOPEFULLY I'll be able to get that done on time. Looks like I've got another busy week ahead of me -- AND another busy Friday!


  • At 5:07 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Well lots of Caffeine and a crazy kid named Jen shoudl help keep you up and alert ready fro the next task! lol Wow, make sur eyou spend a "You!" day soon! lol

  • At 9:24 AM , Blogger Dawn Wilson said...

    Ha! Thanks. :) Caffeine IS a good thing. LOL It was funny; we were going on and on about Skyline work and I had to type so fast to keep up with the IM chats. It was like I was drunk because I had so many typos from typing so fast!! LOL My "me day" finally came -- today. LOL I've got some work to do even now, but not too much to drive me crazy. Having a lot of work on the weekends IS actually a good thing; keeps my mind off of Jen being gone. But during the week, oh, yeah, the work comes rolling in! Haha. I DID end up having another busy Friday last week, but it's better to be busy than to have nothing at all. :)


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