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Monday, August 28, 2006

Printer paper

I recently bought some new printer paper. I finally caved because there was just too much stuff I had to go over (read/edit) and, for some reason, I do this better with pages in hand, not on the computer.

The stack of printer paper I bought came in at 500 pages. I looked at that number and thought, "I could use this to print out one of my novels." The novel I had in mind is 447 pages long. But, I'm not going to print it out. I have revised that manuscript innumerable times and, besides, it's with an editor friend at the moment. My rule is, once I hand a manuscript over to an editor, I don't touch it until I get it back! LOL Believe me, I know firsthand the frustration of editing something then being told, "Throw out that draft; read this one instead." *groan* So, I'm not going near this particular manuscript unless I'm given revisions to do.

It seems, though, that the stack of printer paper I bought won't be used to print out a manuscript after all. Or, any other document that's almost 500 pages long.

The reason?

My daughter got her hands on it.

Last night, while I chatted at the computer and read stuff on the 'Net, my daughter sat across from me, painting. On the printer paper I just bought! She ended up creating 20 different pieces of artwork, all in one sitting. There were papers lying everywhere, drying.

I'm happy about the fact that she was so productive with her art, but...LOL That's a lot of paper I can't use to print!

All the same, though, I am printing out other things. There's an article I want to send off to this British mag, but I'm printing it out because, no matter how many times I reread it online, it still feels like something is missing. (Failing that, I might ask a writer friend if he/she will offer a crit.) I'm also printing out some stories other writers I know have written, as well as chapters of one novel and a nonfiction book I’ve written, the first to revise passages on and the second to give a "fresh" read to make sure nothing is missing.

It also looks like I'll be able to print out the Skyline Literary Magazine a short story of mine is going to appear in, but that particular document will require different-sized paper. I'll just have to be sure to hide that paper from my daughter's prolific paintbrush – otherwise, I'll have to get some more just to print out the mag!


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