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Monday, August 14, 2006

Calling it a day -- again and again

When you're a writer, it's a nice convenience to "stop" working early. Just put in a few hours (though I know some writers who work as much as 6 hours) and you're done. Next batch of work gets done tomorrow.

For me, that's not doable. I wear MANY hats, and not JUST as a writer. The editing work keeps me busy, too. I'm either writing/typing an article, putting together my E-zine, pitching a book proposal, interviewing someone for SIGNews, researching my next Shadowlands article, answering emails from readers/writers/editors, or editing work for Skyline (which is making a comeback).

I try to do AS MUCH as I can every day but it seems like the work keeps piling up. For this reason, I log on and off a lot during the day, doing this here and that there. It's just another day in a writing parent's life! (Though I'll admit the editing work keeps me A LOT busier than the writing.)

Sometimes I WILL try to "call it a day" and get off the computer for good. Then, while I'm cleaning the house or making my daughter something to eat, I'll remember something I FORGOT to do: Respond to an email, ask a fellow author a question on books/publishing, or that I have MORE stories and poems to read/edit. Or that I really SHOULD send out that query/proposal before I forget to do it -- again.

It seems like you can never really stop working. Even though I stopped freelance writing because the stress was just too much to keep in the lead (and it WAS eating into my mom time), it's like I can't keep my schedule or writing/editing duties at a minimum. There's ALWAYS something new that needs to get done. ALWAYS something that needs to be sent/edited/written. For this reason, I pretty much can't call it a day, but at least I CAN take a break and step away for a few hours. Sometimes, though, if we're under deadline or something is time-sensitive, I WILL make it a priority. Like for tonight; I'm putting in an all-nighter to finish editing the last batch of stories for Skyline since it's going out tomorrow.

Taking breaks can be a good relief to these duties, but if I wait too long to get more done, there'll just be even more when I come back.


  • At 12:13 AM , Blogger Lexa Roséan said...

    Work can be so addictive! And yes, a writer's work is never done - but I imagine neither is a Mom's! Kudos to you and thank you for the belated congrats on my blog.


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