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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Books published in 2015

This hasn’t exactly been a good year for me. But then, I have come to accept that there will be bad years, but there will also be good years. That’s just the way it is. Last year was a good year but this one was not. It happens. I am hopeful that 2016 will be a better year – on a personal, professional, spiritual and creative level all around.

There were not many books published this year. That’s something that’s also gonna happen every once in a while, too.

I have not been writing very much for some time. Part of me thinks that my father’s death had something to do with the withdrawal of my muse, or maybe it was that “negative storm” I was caught up in for a while there. I wrote poems, book reviews, blog posts and notes. But not much in the way of fiction. I have some books scheduled for publication next year. And maybe my writing will pick up next year, too. We’ll see.

I am grateful to everyone I had the pleasure of working with this year.

For now, these are the books I had published this year:

Yesterday’s Words

Self-published poetry book

This book was dedicated to my father’s memory. (It was published in April, his birthday month but also the month that he died.)


Yesterday's words are like butterflies on the wind. The moments we capture with words kept within our hearts. The good moments, the bad moments, the sad moments and the moments that touch the soul. The little things that we see, hear and experience that make us think, Yes, life is like that. These snapshots from life have been captured into verse

To read the story behind this book, go here

Faded Reflection


Romantic Suspense

Published by Gypsy Shadow Publishing

This book was dedicated to my sister, Jeanette.


Laura Williams takes a chance on Carl Gunderson, and it’s the most fatal mistake of her life. Carl is convinced Laura is the wife that he murdered – or thought he murdered. Apparently, he hadn’t left her for dead after all. Now she’s back in his life – and this time, he will make sure he finishes her off for good.

To read the story behind this book, go here

Wandering Soul

Self-published poetry book

This book was dedicated to my mother’s memory and it was published in November, her birthday month.


For some people, home is the wide open road, where they feel the call to travel or explore the road not taken. For these wandering souls, their life is about journeying from one place to another and seeing the world for all of its beauty. Wandering Soul is a collection of poems capturing that vagabond spirit and the experience of travel. The poems in this book are meant for anyone who answers the call of the road, or who yearns to explore unknown territory.

To read the story behind this book, go here

Next year will see the publication of more books. Hopefully two nonfiction books (ebooks) but definitely two children's books as well as two poetry books. The next ebook in The GHOST Group series should come out, as well. There may also be a novel. Here's to a much better and more creative 2016!

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