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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Trauma through the eyes of a dog: Jennifer Wilson's new book, THE DOG, sheds light on animal abuse

My daughter, Jennifer Wilson, recently wrote a story that really had an impact on me. I was so moved by her story that I definitely wanted to publish it for her. Her new book, THE DOG, is told from the point-of-view of a family pet treated cruelly by his owner's mother. It really hit home just what animal abuse and negligence can do to a furry friend. I hope this story will have that effect on other people who read it.

Below is my interview with Jennifer.

Congratulations on your new book, The Dog! It has been a while since your last book, The Missing Hat, came out. What have you been up to all this time?

Well not much really. Just working on my art, hanging with friends, going to school. The usual teenage stuff. :D

What can you tell me about The Dog?

The Dog was a story I had to rewrite many times! It was pretty annoying; the ending just never turned out right, it seemed.

Your story sounds like something that can happen in real life. Are your stories inspired by real life? How do you make them different than what really happens?

Usually, its realistic fiction. This one is based off a neglected dog I know of. That’s why the dog is a Husky with blue eyes, just like the dog I know of.

What kind of message do you hope that The Dog will send to readers?

I hope this will show people how important all animals, not just dogs, really are. And how horrible animal abuse and negligence is.

At the beginning of the book, you warn that it’s not a story meant for children to read. Did you feel nervous about writing a story that contained disturbing material?

Yes, VERY nervous. Mostly because of how my family, like aunts and uncles and cousins, would react when their supposed (lol, fail) little girl actually could come up with some pretty gory, horrific and traumatizing material. (Seriously, I have a weird mind.)

Why does the dog in your story not have a name? Were you trying to convey that he was not important enough to name?

I wanted to express how the family barely even cared about him, except for Abbey. But only Abbey ever called the dog by his name, while everyone else just called him The Dog. He was supposed to be confused of that, and just went with the one the authority called him, which would be “The Dog.”

Is there going to be a Part 2 of this story?

Yes. I have a few ideas for part two.

What can we expect to see from you next?

Well, I'm not sure. I'm currently working on Illustrations for a new book by Dawn Colclasure, so that would probably be the next you see of me.

A Husky pup is rescued from the cages of an animal shelter, only to be brought into a home where he is cruelly treated by the woman of the house, Marian. But "The Dog" has won the heart of the young girl Abbey, and together they formulate a plan of freedom for both of them.

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Sunday, January 04, 2015

A Ghost on Every Corner is up for votes!

It’s that time of the year again! The annual Preditors & Editors Readers’ Poll has begun and voting is now open! This is a chance for readers to vote for their favorite books.

My publisher, Gypsy Shadow Publishing (also known as GSP), usually enters this annual event. If I have a book by them published last year which can be entered into a category, then they usually enter it. (Sometimes, though, something or other happens and not all their books will show up on there. In this case, the author has the option of entering his/her book.)

This time round, GSP has entered my book, A Ghost on Every Corner, which was published late last year. This book is entered in the “Anthology” category. It’s more of a semi-anthology, because I have written stuff in this book, too.

A Ghost on Every Corner is a collection of true ghostly encounters which paranormal investigators experienced while investigating some of America’s most haunted locations. There is the BirdCage Theatre, the Gettysburg battlefield, the Myrtles Plantation, and many more!

Here is the blurb for this book:

There's a ghost town then there's a "ghost" town! A Ghost on Every Corner is a collection of stories from paranormal investigators who have done investigations in some of America's most haunted cities. Read about the ghost haunting a restaurant in Galena, Illinois, or about a Gettysburg Battlefield ghost who follows an investigator home! There's also Marilyn Monroe's ghost haunting the famous Roosevelt Hotel, a ghost violently attacking an investigator at the Sallie House and the ghost of Edgar Allan Poe's adoptive father angrily pushing an investigator down the stairs! You'll also get to read historical (as well as ghostly!) information about places such as The Alamo, Myrtles Plantation and the famous BirdCage Theater. Walk with investigators located across the country as they gather evidence about ghosts and go where no other would dare to tread!

If you have enjoyed reading this book, or if you are a part of this book and want to promote your story, please take a few minutes to vote for it in the Readers’ Poll! Here is the link.

Please note that voting is open until January 14th.

Many thanks to everyone who helped make this book possible and to anyone who takes the time to vote!

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