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Tuesday, January 16, 2007



Even if you hate it: Write.

Even if it's short: Write.

Even if it's something you don't normally write: Write.

Even if you're rushed for time.

Even if it's useless drivel.

Even if it's in crayon on colored paper.

Even if it's a letter.

Even if it's just a blog entry.


Sunday, January 07, 2007

Writing agenda, 2007

Happy New Year!

Instead of taking on new projects for the first part of the year, I am going to focus my energies on wrapping up old ones. Finish books I have not yet completed and fixing up work that has not yet been sent out.

I will also be "clearing out" my inventory of unpublished work, sending things out and querying work I put off querying.

I have grown increasingly frustrated with certain book projects taking a long time to complete. So I will be concentrating on completing them, without the distractions of "new books" and other miscellaneous writing/publishing endeavors.

This will include my ideas for a writing-related homebased business venture. If anything, I have found that my passion lies in writing books. This is my strongest drive as a writer. I am thankful and grateful for my other writing endeavors and experiences, but I really think that 2007 will see me more centered on book-writing projects.

I will continue to write songs and poems. I am also hoping to do SOMETHING with my fantasy script. I am also continuing my "apprenticeship" in art. But these are things which will not be the "bulk" of my work for 2007.

I am looking forward to embarking on my journey as a writer for this new year. And I hope all other writers, authors and editors I know will find 2007 to be just as rewarding for them, as well.